Tomorrow Night/Toni Marie

Finishing the editing of the interview with Toni Marie right now.  I know, a bit late but there’s not much to do.  So I’ll air the entire thing tomorrow night.  Probably longer clips than usual during the show since she has some great stories.   About starting out in radio, getting tricked during a sportscast, spending time at a jail for NTV [was for a TV report] and about a guy vacuuming the red carpet at the Junos.  That last one I liked a lot.  Shows the difference between St. John’s and Toronto people. 🙂

During the show the music of Great Big Sea, Teresa Ennis, Fergus O’Byrne, Kenny Butler and Ron Hynes.  And I’ll have to make a Canadian Content exception for Toni and play a certain 80’s British song.  It’s one of her favourites so it’s only fair.

Visiting Toronto this weekend.  Seeing Ian Foster play on Saturday Night.  What good timing with the garbage strike in Toronto, eh?  So I won’t be walking the streets of the city too much if it’s a scorcher.  Day 16 of the strike I believe.  Yikes.

So the link for the episode won’t go up till Monday or Tuesday this week after I get back and have some time to get it online.

Tomorrow night as usual, 6-8pm EST.


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