Ian Foster Tonight

Tonight I’ll be playing songs from Ian Foster’s 2 brand new CD’s that are coming out.  ‘We Begin Here’ is a disc of demos and B-Sides.  ‘Found : Music from the Unmade Film’ is the concept album.  My chat with Ian runs about 26 minutes so I’ll be playing parts of that during the course of the show.

Ian is hitting Ontario next week so if you’re in a town where he’s coming, hopefully you can catch him.

Then he’s traveling to British Columbia, so for the West Coast readers of this blog [Adrian for example, lol] you can see him later in July/early August.

If you missed it Adrian left a comment on the blog a few days ago.  Apparently Allison Crowe is another big World of Warcraft fan.  I mentioned Toni Marie Wiseman is.  Something in the Newfoundland water that’s getting all these women playing WOW online?

Interview with Toni Marie should air next Friday.  It’s a longer chat, before editing it runs over an hour! This is what happens when you talk to someone you’ve known for years. 🙂

My plan is to see Ian play next weekend in Toronto.  So that might cause Toni’s interview to get pushed up a week if I do a taped show if I travel to T.O. on Friday.  Plan is to do the show live on Friday, then travel to Toronto on Saturday. Keep an eye on the blog if anything changes.

Here are two of Ian’s sites.  To check out his music, the tour dates and his tour blog.




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