Happy Canada Day

Have a nice Canada Day, for those Canadian readers of the blog. 🙂

Had some phone/internet problems fixed today.  Yep, Bell working on Canada Day.  Was a minor wiring problem inside but one I couldn’t have fixed.  And the technician didn’t charge me for it.  Nice.

You’re thinking, “Wow, that’s really nice. What part of the country was this tech. originally from?”

Newfoundland, of course.  Found that out while he was wrapping up the visit, so the ‘no charge’ thing wasn’t based on us both being from Newfoundland. LOL.

Since it’s Canada Day, a little bit about Canadian radio. Shore 104 officially launched today in Vancouver.  The on air people started this morning.  Jody Vance and Bill Courage are on right now from 2-6pm Pacific, or 5-9pm Eastern. Check it out here.


Jody said she’s become a fan of Joel Plaskett by hearing his music on the station.  Glad to hear East Coast artists getting airplay on the West Coast.

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday, if you have it off.  The Bell technician didn’t, Shore 104 crew doesn’t and I’m working later tonight.  I’ll assume some of you have today off from work. 🙂

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