Sunday Update

Might upload the voiceover I did for the “best of” show.  Did them back to back and edited them as MP3’s so it would play before each hour.  Piece of cake.

Here was the 2 episodes I played.  For the radio I edited out the commercials in each one.  Since an ad from 2007 and 2008 doesn’t make much sense if you’re listening on the radio.

Thought I’d upload a clip on the blog from the interview with Toni Marie but for WordPress you need to pay to upload Mp3’s or video files.  D’oh.  Might look into that but not right now.

Clip was her talking about Great Big Sea and I mentioned Monty Python.  Which got her to sing a very short line from Holy Grail.  I know, now you want to hear it.  I’ll try and figure out something during the week. 🙂


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