‘Best Of’ Tonight

Been a long week and the plan for this week’s show got pushed up a week.  But there will be interviews tonight on the show, first “best of” show so to speak.  After 2 years I’m finally digging into the archives.

Half the show will be the hour from 2007 with the first interview I did for the show.  With Ian Foster.  Had some of Ian’s music along with some other bands on the old Saturday Night timeslot.

Second half will be the hour with Teresa Ennis from Feb. 2008.  Had the interview with her and her CD ‘Space’.

Next Friday will be the new interview with Ian Foster along with his brand new music for 2 hours.

Following Friday I have the chat with Toni Marie Wiseman I did a few days ago.  Went very well.  Talked over an hour and there were still things we never got to.  Did cover a lot of things with Toni.  She mentioned some artists during our interview so I’ll play them during the 2 hours when that airs.

I’ll probably upload a short sound clip here over the next few days to give you a preview of it.

If I can I’ll see if I can get someone to transcribe it.  Went quite well and people might like to read it too.  Like her 5000 friends on Facebook. 🙂

So hopefully you’ll enjoy the “best of” tonight or its other name, a rerun. LOL.


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