Upcoming Interviews

Looks like things are a go for taping an interview tomorrow with Toni Marie Wiseman.  As readers might remember she did a print interview with me for the Newfoundland Herald.  Which is the reason I got to chat with Fergus O’Byrne and Ray Johnson of Buddy Wasisname.

Toni’s been a friend of mine for years so it should be fun.

For those not in Newfoundland or haven’t watched NTV on satellite she has a few jobs at NTV/OZFM/Herald.  Let’s see. [For those who think I do a few things at CFRC, please she has me beat.]

On the TV side she does reports covering the local arts scene. She’s a news anchor 4 days a week on Newsday and on the Sunday Evening Newshour.  Also does the live weather remotes during the 6pm news, Monday-Thursday.  Sometime during the week she writes/produces/hosts a 30 minute Entertainment News show that airs on Saturday.

Add to that she does some news updates on OZFM radio during the afternoon.  Oh, and Toni writes pieces covering the arts for the Newfoundland Herald too.

Other than that she’s not busy at all. 🙂

Covering the music scene in Newfoundland is what I’ll chat with her a lot about.  She was awarded Media Person of the Year by MusicNL 4 years in a row from 2000-2003.

But since we’re friends we can go off-topic.  She’s gotten hooked on World of Warcraft the last couple of years.  I don’t understand that game but she really enjoys it.

And we’re both big Monty Python fans who can quote the movies.  Yes, those type of fans.

Quite a “get” for a little show like mine.  I’ll give an update after it’s over tomorrow night.

This Friday will be the Ian Foster interview, if the CD’s get here by then.  I’d say they get here so that’s the plan for Friday Night.


One comment

  1. Adrian

    Hi Rob ~ I keep thinking I’m going to catch-up with life this year, but, it’s not happening… yet!

    Allison (Crowe) is back in Canada, spending some break time in beautiful Gros Morne. You’ll be talking this Summer, no doubt. Thanks so much for covering her wacky adventures in Europe. Ultimately, it was a great tour – with no shortage of adventure.

    I have a couple of notes that tie into your current post/podcast – like Tonie Marie Wiseman, Allison is heavily into WoW. There’s talk of flaming horses and quests… And, Alley got to enjoy Ian Foster in concert earlier this week in Corner Brook. Sounds like she may have been the only one in the audience who whooped with approval and recognition when Ian cited singer-songwriter Steve Poltz (Haligonian by birth).

    Fun times 🙂

    Wishing you, and all Salt Water Music listeners a great, happy, Summer!!

    cheers, Ad

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