Mid Week Update

First up another music video.  They must be coming back or something.  This time Joel Plaskett’s first single from his triple album ‘Three’.  “Through & Through & Through” has Rose Cousins and Ana Egge on backing vocals.  Both make appearances in this video.  Lot of East Coast scenery in this clip.


So I’ll play more of Joel’s disc[s] on Friday night.  Along with Rose and Ana since they’re also Canadian content. 🙂

Interview with Ian Foster might air next Friday.  If the CD’s get here in time.  His tour hits Quebec, Ontario and BC in July.  So we have a little leeway to air the interview before the tour starts.  Most likely will do the full 2 hour show on Ian’s music.  Since there is two albums worth of new music coming my way.

Another interview I’m closer to lining up.  Not a musician, but someone who has covered the music scene on the East Coast music for years.  Could be a text interview, phone or possibly both.

Lastly, a DawgFM update.  Hearing was last Friday and sounded like got heated once in while.  Not the parts with people from the blues station but other parts.


Chairperson was getting annoyed I think, read this exchange about frequency maps.

1106   THE CHAIRPERSON: You are going to file these maps — one that is legible?

1107   MR. BRADET: Yes.

Ouch, sounds like a teacher calling you out in class. LOL.

DawgFM’s Facebook group did have an update.  Sounds like no decision till September.  Not surprising with government.  Think they do a lot of stuff during the summer?  Nope.

Does sound hopeful for the blues gang.  Maybe at a different frequency then they wanted but I’ll be cautiously optimistic.


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