Quick Friday Post

Tonight’s show will be 50% new. First hour I’ll be live in studio, 2nd hour will be the second part of last week’s show.

Been under the weather all week and have a busy 24 hours. Try and get a few hours of sleep before I work overnight today, then doing a phone interview with Ian Foster tomorrow morning around 11am EST. So I finally am dipping into the “rerun” pool. But only a week old. So if you missed last week it will still be recent. If you did hear it already then you can skip the second hour. 🙂

In the new hour tonight brand new music so stay tuned for that.


Quick story about the Dawg FM/CRTC hearings. From yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen.

“The tussle over Ottawa’s FM airwaves appears to be headed for a compromise that may give listeners three new stations on the radio dial.

At a CRTC hearing Friday, the commission will consider a proposal that would allow a new blues station called DAWG-FM to broadcast at 101.9; a woman-focussed, soft-rock and talk station called EVE-FM at 99.7; and a community station to serve franco-Ontarians at 94.5.”

The hearing was today in Ottawa, I would’ve listened online but had to catch a few hours sleep after work today. Fridays I come in early to help out on Offsides, the sports show on CFRC. By the way only 2 episodes left of that program. So tune in on the next two Fridays at 4pm for that.

Hopefully it is all coming together for Dawg FM in Ottawa. When I get an update I’ll pass it along in the next few days.

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