Blues Support in Halifax/Friday Night

Focused on keeping track of DawgFM in Ottawa I forgot to post about an application the same group has for a station in Halifax. Oops.  Deadline is today for support, but you can do one through email for those in Nova Scotia or any Blues fans out east.  Makes more sense targeting people reading this out east than Ontario.  🙂

“The deadline for support for our Halifax FM radio application is today. please send a letter of support to the CRTC by going to and click on the Support Halifax DAWG.”

Sorry for the late notice but any support is a good thing.

Today’s post got a lot of views for some reason, just one of those days I guess.  People must’ve been on Twitter when I put up a link.  Mid-afternoon is a good time to get people’s attention on there I find.

95% sure I’ll be 2 hours as usual on Friday Night.  I’d say a usual show but I might have a surprise guest on the phone this week.  With time constraints I might have to do it LIVE.  That will be different.  Any mistakes they’re going out over the air, no “Take 2”.


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