2 Years Upcoming

First up Sharona Clarke is writing some tour updates on her new blog as she travels Newfoundland.


If you heard the end of the show on Friday then you know this week is going to be a surprise.  I’ll be on at 6pm as usual.  But it might still be 2 hours.  Or 60 minutes as I mentioned before.  Right now even I don’t know.  So a surprise for me.

Summer schedule changes kick in on Friday, May 1st.  And it’s been a juggling act for a bunch of shows.  So there’s no plan for Friday’s show.  Luckily I have enough music over the last 2 years to do weeks of shows without a plan.

By the way the 2nd anniversary of the program is in May.  2 years since I started.  Now those weeks I was scrambling for music.  Each week I was burning off one CD of music I had compiled for each show.

May 19th was the first show.  Which I uploaded a few months ago on Archive.org for those who might want to hear it.


Forgot I played Hey Rosetta! on the first episode.  Should’ve mentioned that to them while they were in town.  🙂

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