Tomorrow’s Show/Bruins Sweep

Got a new CD in the mail yesterday which I’ll be playing some of tomorrow night, Emmy Alcorn.  She’s a Trinidadian/Nova Scotian singer-songwriter.  That’s a sentence you don’t read every day.

Along with more new music from The Salty Plains and some live music from Hey Rosetta!.  Probably some vinyl from Ryan’s Fancy to end the last 2 hour till the fall.

Still on Fridays at 6pm for May-August but 60 minutes.  The original length of the program in fact.

Enjoyed the Bruins sweep of the Habs.  Thought Boston would win but Montreal didn’t put up much of a fight after Game 2.  Ending their 100th anniversary by getting swept by the B’s wasn’t their plan.  But congrats Montreal on not trashing the city like you did last year.   🙂

Two teams to sweep the first round series are Vancouver and Boston.  Possible Bruins vs Canucks final?  Getting way ahead of myself but that be an interesting series.


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