Bart on

Sportsnet finally made a good decision, or the website anyway. Bart Given, from Inside the Majors is now blogging for More of a mini-blog compared to how in depth he can go at his site. But it’s a nice way to get traffic and be read.

But Sportsnet can still do thing that make you shake your head and/or laugh. As you see from the screenshot.

"Cups overfloweth" doesn't scream professionalism

"Cups overfloweth" doesn't scream professionalism

Some woman named Coco apparently has to do with sports.  If you can’t see it under her picture it says : “Our cups overfloweth with Coco in today’s gallery.”

Good to see Bart on that site, but of all things to see on his first post?  And with the amount of pictures on the internet, that is not going to attract anyone to that site.  Plus “overfloweth” isn’t even a word.  To be picky about.

From Jody Vance to Coco’s Cups?  Things have changed at the net.


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