Ottawa Citizen/Summer Changes

Ottawa Citizen had a story that summed up what’s been going on with DawgFM in Ottawa.   Politics as usual in the nation’s capital.

Looks like the show will be shorter during this summer.  Same day and time, but from 6-7pm EST.  Lot of schedule changes as usual during the summer months at CFRC.  Students leave, and many shows go on hiatus.  But Salt Water Music is still going, just for an hour a week during the summer.  That’s May through August.

Keeping it at 2 hours or it being 90 minutes was possible, but at a different day and time.  I went with keeping it Fridays at 6pm.  The Herald interview said 6pm EST and a lot of people have gotten used to the time.  Changing it would cause some headaches.

Could you listen to the show if it was Wednesday at 1:30pm for example?  I didn’t think so. 🙂

But my show was 10-11pm on Saturday for the first 16 months.  So for long time listeners the hour format isn’t new.  But I thought I’d give everyone a heads up.

Offsides the sports show I work on is coming to end when Tyler leaves in July.  GlobeTrotting the soccer show I also work on, is taking a few weeks hiatus as well in the summer.  So it’s the summer of changes.


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