Hey Rosetta! plays Kingston Friday

Mentioned on Friday about Hey Rosetta! coming to Kingston for a show this Friday night at the Grad Club.  Working on a possible interview with someone from the band this week.  We’ll see if it comes together for the radio show Friday since it’s a short time frame.  Concert is 10pm so you’ll have time to listen and go to the show too.

Blog post from Tim on their website shows they had some transportation problems this past week.  The possible end to the Van the band has used to tour the country.  Last year Ian Foster drove his car from St. John’s to do his tour in Ontario/Quebec.  It made the trip back then it barely lasted a week before it headed into the repair shop.

04/12/2009 easter, terrace bay
Posted by: tim

we are in terrace bay, northern ontario. it’s nice and quiet, but we don’t want to be here. our dear van has succumbed to the wear of another trip across this enormous country. our transmission self-destructed early yesterday afternoon.

luckily the plucky dan mangan was just behind us and gathered some of us under the wing of his volvo and flew off to the safety of sault ste marie and then toronto. for the rest of us, we are in the norwood motel, waiting for monday mechanics. entombed, waiting for the resurrection of our own particular econoline saviour. oh, roll away the rock, local mechanic! let us fly home! to our show in ottawa.

we might be in a situation here. i’m having trouble considering leaving the van behind. but we might have to. oh yvonne. i’m not sure. i’m not sure.
i’ll keep you posted.

The problems of traveling across the huge country of Canada.  Hope things will pull together to get them through the tour and back to Newfoundland.

Hey Rosetta with opening act Zeus is this Friday, April 17 2009 at the Grad Club.  Can purchase tickets online and pick them up at the door.


Doors open at 9pm for the 10pm show.


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