April 10th Show

Had the show ready to upload last night, but Archive.org wasn’t co-operating.  But they’re up now.


The North Lakes and Pleasure Bridge to open the show. Then Hey Rosetta as they are playing in Kingston next Friday.  April 17th at the Grad Club, 10pm start.

Sharona Clarke for the rest of the first hour with tracks from both of her CDs. ‘On The Right Track’ and ‘The Secret Is to Dream’.  ‘Secret’ you can download for free. ‘Track’ is on iTunes.


Included during the first hour is the short interview she did with Toni Marie on NTV Thursday night.

Also got an online request from Sharona so listen for that near the end of Hour 1.


Lead off Hour 2 with some of Ian Foster’s new disc.  Like Sharona he took part in the RPM Challenge for the month of February. Two instrumental tracks from his concept album, ‘Found : Music From the Unmade Film’.

Then a song from Stone Richards and the Devil Folk.

Decided to take it easy for the rest of the show since it was Good Friday. So I played some live Blue Rodeo. From the EP, ‘Daze in America’ which was never released to the public. And a ‘5 Days in May’ from ‘Blue Road’, their live acoustic CD from last fall.

End the program with 3 songs from Sharona, who was listening in St. John’s during the show and sent me a few messages on Twitter.

And in case you want to watch the last LeafsTV Pregame of the year today at 6pm here you go.  I’ll probably delete the link later tonight, for obvious reasons.


Why would I be linking to a pregame for a Leafs-Sens game?  Both teams are done when it comes to the playoffs.  Check out Jody’s Twitter.  Think it’s a good reason to let more people catch the show today. 🙂



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