Good Friday/Sharona Clarke

Yep, new show tomorrow on Good Friday.  And live as usual.  Enjoy your day off as I’m at CFRC for a few hours. ‘Offsides’, the sports show I work on, also is live Friday at 4pm.  No holiday for us, new shows for you.

Just saw Sharona Clarke on NTV with Toni Marie.  I have the audio of the 2 minute interview and I’ll play that tomorrow.  Along with some of Sharona’s music.  One CD you can download for free.

“The Secret… is to Dream” was done as part of the RPM Challenge ’09.  That’s a challenge to record an album in the month of February.  In her case she recorded the whole thing in her home studio.

I’ll also play ‘She’ which she played on NTV today.  Song got cut off but that happens a lot during a live newscast.  But recording off the TV hurts the sound quality so it wouldn’t have been good enough to air.  Works well for interviews, but anything with music it usually doesn’t.

So some of Sharona’s music, and the rest of the show some longer sets as well.  My version of a holiday show since that makes it easier for me.

Enjoy the long weekend.  I’ll upload the show by Saturday night.

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