CFRC Update

Congrats to the new CFRC Operations Officer Kristiana Clemens.  She’s starting the new job so thought I’d mention it here.  She’s been in community radio for a while, recently with CKUT Montreal.  Good luck to Kristiana.

CFRC’s website is still on the backup as you can tell.  Whoever hacked the AMS server really did some nasty work.  That happened before the funding drive in Febuary and the main site still isn’t up.  But I was shown this.  Preview of what the new site will look like.  Uses WordPress.  Which I’m using right now. 🙂

So maybe the hack was a good thing as it gave a reason to change things up. That page is just for testing purposes but it’s nice to see how it will look ahead of time.

Brand new show live this Friday.  Easter weekend snuck up on me, didn’t know the holiday was coming up till yesterday.  I really should get a wall calendar.  This happens a few times to me every year. LOL.

Just because Kingston Transit isn’t running on Good Friday, doesn’t mean I won’t be.  Enjoy your day off [if you’re not working] and listen to some music.


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