Great post on Inside the Majors today about scheduling.  And why they put a day off in the opening series of the baseball season.  [Insurance against weather problems.]

Needed it today since Boston and Chicago both had some wintery weather.  Games were bumped till tomorrow.

Jays season is a lot like the Leafs one that is about to end.  Building for next year.  And both teams admitted it before the season started.  Good that they are up front about it, but does hurt the Jays more than the Leafs.

Leafs sell out the ACC no matter what and CBC ratings are even up this year for them on Saturday Nights.  But Blue Jays have a tougher hill to climb.  81 home games for a team that’s not going to contend.  Going to see a lot more empty seats this season.

Watching a bit of the Jays opener, since having SkyDome that full will be rare this season.   Can’t understand why Sportsnet’s broadcasts aren’t better.  Bland for a team owned by Rogers, which also owns the channel.  You’d think they’d take great care into this.  If the broadcasts were great I’d watch more games.  But if they can’t be bothered to put a great effort into the broadcast then neither can I.

Sportsnet itself has gone downhill over the past few years.  So it’s not a complete shock.  They were catching up to TSN when I was in college.  But man they’ve fallen off.  In 2000 they even beat TSN on the NHL trade deadline. Jody Vance had a column about that in March.

Notice “CTV Sportsnet” beat TSN.  Rogers taking over that place was the beginning of the end when it comes to quality.  Their great idea 2 years ago was to have the ‘Deal or No Deal Canada’ models during a trade deadline show.  Brilliant.

Back to watching House, now that’s quality TV.

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