Friday’s Show/Links

Tomorrow’s show will be 2 hours with not much of a plan.  Going to grab some new music and make it up on the fly.  No taped interviews in the pipeline, first time I can say that since January.  So I’ll play a bunch of different things Friday night.

Up next a couple of Twitter links.  Friend of the show Ian Foster joined up.  Only musician I’ve interviewed twice for the show.  And as of right now the only one I’ve had a beer with.  Happened in Toronto last summer before he had his gig. 🙂

He said he’s booking his summer tour as we speak.  So maybe a third interview will happen.  Like an annual summer tradition now.  In fact Ian was the first person I ever interviewed for Salt Water Music.

Up next, Jody Vance.  Well known sportscaster.  She’s married to Bart Given who has that new blog I talked about too.

She’s currently on LeafsTV, and had a weekly column in ’24 Hours Toronto’ for 4 years.  But this past Monday was the last column.  And people wonder why the newspaper business is falling apart.

But that link is a place you can read Jody’s thoughts, unfiltered.  Which was part of the joke last week as I read out one of her tweets on air.  [Can someone please come up with a better word than Tweet.  It’s like I’m in Grade 2.]

3rd in the batting order is local.  Sarah Crosbie, formerly of The Whig-Standard.  Now a radio host in town.

I found her page while she was in between jobs.  She filled in on a morning show in town then was hired a week or two later.  The next page belongs to someone else from K-Rock, Tony Orr.

He just joined Twitter recently.  I didn’t know he was a faculty member with Loyalist College.  Things you learn online.

So tomorrow night, a lot of surprises as I figure out what to play.  For sure Neil Dobson/Fabulous Hats since I just got the CD this week.  As for the rest of the show, even I don’t know right now.


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