Inside the Majors

Mid week update with a new sports blog.  One written by someone with real experience on his subject, baseball.

Bart Given was in the front office for the Blue Jays for the last few years, recently as an Assistant GM.  Unlike a lot of sports blogs that are on the landscape, this one has real info and knowledge.  Player contracts and things such as arbitration are amazingly complex.  But it’s great to have someone explain items that go by quickly on sports news.  I see something like this:

March 2 –  First date to renew contracts.  Ten-day renewal period ends on March 11.

Sounds straightforward but it really only describes a certain amount of players.  Which I learned from the blog.  I won’t go into the details, you have to read it for yourself.

Also going to be opinion pieces.  Today Bart talked about Chipper Jones’ comments putting down the city of Toronto.  How there’s nothing to do in Toronto.  City of 3 million and there’s nothing to do?  Of course this from a guy named Larry who calls himself CHIPPER.  Take that with a grain of salt.

I emailed Bart about the blog, since it’s very good and I wanted to see if I could mention it here.  He said it’s in the “soft launch” phase.  So this looks like the first place to mention the blog online.  So you can be one of the early readers.

It’s in the early stage but everything is in working order.  There’s a Poll about Chipper’s comments right now.  You can also leave a comment or email him with your thoughts. Here is the description Bart put up on the blog himself.  Feel free to drop him a line.  Encourage a new blogger to cyberspace. 🙂

Why another MLB Blog? As a former VP, Baseball Operations & Assistant General Manager of a MLB Club, I felt I could provide valuable insight to fans who crave the “inside” information about what happens inside the Front Office. The “How’s”, “When’s” and most importantly “Why’s” of the decisions made daily by your favorite team.

There are plenty of sites discussing stats, fantasy, rumors and news with great aplomb. My goal for Inside The Majors is to complement their opinions with the knowledge and perspective of someone who has been there.

Please contact me at or leave a comment with suggestions for the site. I want it to evolve in a way that can enrich your experience of watching and discussing MLB baseball.

Cheers, Bart Given


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