Nfld Helicopter Crash

Many probably have heard about the chopper crash earlier this morning in Newfoundland. A Cougar Helicopter that brings workers from St. John’s to the oil platform at Hibernia crashed in the Atlantic Ocean around 9:18am local time.

One survivor was found and is in hospital. One confirmed fatality and 16 others are missing. There were two life rafts found, both empty. They’re still looking for any survivors.

Saw on NTV a report from a few years ago about the specific training the oil workers go through.  Have to do 5 days on the helicopter, survival suits and how to get out of the chopper in case of a crash in the water.  That might’ve helped the one who did survive.

They always wear ‘survival suits’ which is a must.  I remember Toni Marie wearing one on the news a couple of years ago.  Coast guard was showing how they’re used and how to save people.  She was placed in the St. John’s harbour with the suit on and pulled out.

Does remind people from Newfoundland about the Ocean Ranger tragedy.

By the way, horrible decision by local CBC in St. John’s.  They showed video of the body bag of the deceased being brought off of a chopper.  When they haven’t even been publicly identified.  Imagine seeing that, and it ended up being a family member or friend?

The crash was this morning but they need to show that when the rescue/recovery isn’t even 12 hours old?  Wow, that’s pretty low.  Wait for the funerals CBC.  The one time I change the channel from NTV News on satellite and I see that.  No wonder CBC gets their butt kicked in the ratings in Newfoundland.

Sorry, got distracted.  But I worked on TV news in college.  That video was something that wasn’t needed this soon.  Especially within the search is still going on.  The news sounds grim and I don’t think they’ll be anyone else found.  So showing that really got me going.

I’ll talk about this on the show a bit tomorrow, since more news will be in then.


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