Tonight’s Show/Tacks Beach

Opening up the show with 2 songs from Teresa Ennis’ live performance on CBC Radio last weekend during the ECMA weekend.

Then I’ll be talking about the ECMA’s and go over a few things at the top of the show. So then I can play the interview and music for the rest of the show.

Reminder tonight after the show you can watch the new season of Out There with Melissa DiMarco on CITY-TV at 10pm. Previous post gives all the station details.

Fergus interview went very well. Runs about 20 minutes. Talk about Tacks Beach, which is the best part of the interview. After the Herald interview I did with Toni Marie was printed I heard from some family members in Newfoundland. My Uncle Bob told me that Fergus’ wife grew up in Tacks Beach.

That was a small community in Newfoundland that was resettled in the 1970’s. My mother’s family was from Tacks Beach as well.

In fact my grandmother is still friends with Fergus’ mother in law and talks to her on the phone.

That part of the interview is only 2 minutes but it’s the best part. Big surprise for me when I heard. Then a surprise for Fergus too, since he knew Tacks Beach right away.

Small world. Type Tacks Beach into Google Maps. Then zoom out and you’ll see how small it is.

If you don’t know what “resettlement” was in Newfoundland here’s a short article.  Try and imagine this happening today.  Entire communities left abandoned.

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