Twitter/Trade Deadline

Not sure if I mentioned the Twitter account of mine, short silly thoughts from yours truly.  I’m not going to post on a blog on stuff like talking to my sister on  the phone about The Bachelor.  But on Twitter I’ll mention it. 🙂

She wasn’t happy about The Bachelor finale by the way. lol.

NHL Trade Deadline made a good use of Twitter today, especially someone from the LeafsTV crew.  Short quick updates, unlike TSN/Sportsnet talking for 26 hours or whatever it was.  So I made this tweet earlier.  Yes, messages are called ‘tweets’ on there.  I’d rather a less silly name but there you go.

“Glad I avoided all that trade deadline nonsense. Too much overkill at TSN/Sportsnet/TheScore. LeafsTV had one focus which was a relief.”

Got a response from the LeafsTV one.

@robertcarnell I love this man….

ha ha, that made me laugh.

Now if you’re a listener of the show you know I’m a Boston Bruins fan first.  But when I lived in Ottawa I cheered for the Leafs in those Sens-Leafs playoff series.  Shows you my opinion of the Senators.  Going for Toronto when they swept Ottawa that one year was fun.  🙂

Too bad Jody wasn’t on the LeafsTV coverage today but she was probably busy watching with Brady and Bart.  [That’s an inside reference if she reads this, lol]


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