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With the good response of the last few posts I’ll try and do more updates during the week.  Won’t have the multiple posts in one day like during ECMA weekend but that’s to be expected.

Today re-posting blog comments, since they’re tucked away and you might’ve missed them.


I’ve heard from owners of small websites that their webmasters don’t update their sites when needed or have done a disappearing act, but didn’t think a major one like for the ECMAs would have that problem. Thanks for including the link to CBC’s site for those of us who missed the show!

Sharona Clarke

Yes, Radio ECMA is great way to see the up and coming artists *ahem*, rather just than the established ones! I thought the audio to TV was very bad. The vocals were definitely flat, and keyboards barely audible. Didn’t give us a good representation of how good the performers MAY have actually sounded.

Keith Dunphy

Had such a good time this weekend. hope you enjoyed the weekend too.I’m looking forward to next year very much! Cheers from your Dirty Devil Folk Child, Stone Richards. check out my youtube page too!


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