Monday Update/Corrections

Being in Kingston, ON and blogging about an event 2 time zones away means a couple of mistakes will happen.

First thanks to Kell for pointing out one of the bands is called ‘Smothered In Hugs’, I put down ‘Smothered BY hugs’.  Oops.  I have a list of some of the artist’s websites, in that I had the right website but the name wrong typed too. 🙂

Other correction was I had the radio title backwards.  Was called “Radio ECMA”, not ECMA Radio.  Comment on an earlier blog from Ivan who was the chair of Radio ECMA.  Thought I’d reprint it here for those who might miss it.

Hi Rob:
I noticed a couple of blogs about Radio ECMA. I’m glad you found us (I am/was the Chair of Radio ECMA). We’d sent the webstreaming address to the ECMA web master, but it was never put on their site. So we stopped promoting it and went through one we’d set up ourselves (the site).

But we had a grand time in the lobby, interviewing lots of folks. We had a lot of listeners in the local region, but its nice to know that a few did listen in on the web.



Thanks for the comment Ivan.  Radio ECMA was a great way to keep track of the weekend and get to hear a lot of musicians stop by.  ECMA award show is great but you’re not going to see the up and coming artists on there.

I recorded some of Sunday’s Radio ECMA off the computer to listen to later in the week.  On Saturday I found out I missed Ian Foster on there by 2 hours.  Friend of the show so just bad luck on me missing his set.

As for the ECMA website, it’s 10am EST the day after.  And they still don’t have the list of winners up!  So the fact they didn’t put up a link Ivan sent them to Radio ECMA isn’t that surprising. LOL.

Background info on the weekend was good on but once it finally started, nothing new ever came up on that site.  I searched ECMA on Google and found my own blog 3 or 4 times.  Good for me, but the official website should be a good source of updates rather a guy in Ontario. 😉

Only one criticism of the ECMA show itself, did anyone else find the vocals during the songs a bit flat/hollow?  Since I’m on the radio I notice audio stuff more but it kept sticking in my ear.  Tough to do concert audio though.

Credit to the gang at as the entire show is already online as of Monday morning.  Plays right away as you visit that site.



  1. Shireen

    I’ve heard from owners of small websites that their webmasters don’t update their sites when needed or have done a disappearing act, but didn’t think a major one like for the ECMAs would have that problem.

    Thanks for including the link to CBC’s site for those of us who missed the show!

  2. Sharona Clarke

    Yes, Radio ECMA is great way to see the up and coming artists *ahem*, rather just than the established ones!

    I thought the audio to TV was very bad. The vocals were definitely flat, and keyboards barely audible. Didn’t give us a good representation of how good the performers MAY have actually sounded.

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