ECMA Radio

I saw reports of an ECMA radio station being in Corner Brook.  That was being run on bicycle power.  But there was nothing from the ECMA website on it.  There is a link that says RADIO but was just a stream of songs with no DJs or interviews.  Huh?

Read a story and same thing, no link to this station.  So does it exist?  Yes, finally found it through a Google Blog Search.  It’s at the following address.

Why this wasn’t linked from the ECMA site I don’t know.  It’s being broadcast in Corner Brook on the radio at 100.1 FM but at least I finally found it.  Just found a new singer named Sharona Clarke. She was interviewed in the last hour or so.

Said she performed on the MusicNL stage on Thursday, but the ECMA site didn’t list her at all.  Ahhh, a bad day for that website.  I’ll leave them alone for the night. LOL.

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  1. Ivan Emke

    Hi Rob:
    I noticed a couple of blogs about Radio ECMA. I’m glad you found us (I am/was the Chair of Radio ECMA). We’d sent the webstreaming address to the ECMA web master, but it was never put on their site. So we stopped promoting it and went through one we’d set up ourselves (the site).

    But we had a grand time in the lobby, interviewing lots of folks. We had a lot of listeners in the local region, but its nice to know that a few did listen in on the web.



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