Carnell Knowledge

Thanks to Cat a friend from Shoreline, Connecticut who came up with that title.  Going to use it as the name of a segment on the show.  Could’ve used it for my weekly NFL picks but I just got the funny title this week. LOL.

Just be part of the show where I talk about something.  Could be sports, music news, concerts, television, movies, general news, etc.  This week it will be on the East Coast Music Awards this weekend in Corner Brook.  Lot of music in town there.  One schedule has some people starting a set at 2am!  Wow.

Carnell Knowledge is a great pun which works for a segment.  Sticks in your head.  There’s a show at CFRC called “Folkin Eh”.  That’s creative too.

Great news on the funding drive by the way.  Ended up even better than we thought.  Passed $22,000 and last returns are still trickling in.  Goal was 18 grand so that’s really good.  Especially with the economy this year.  Thanks to everyone who gave, or wanted to but couldn’t.


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