Feb. 20th Episode with Sora

With the length of the interview and the songs I didn’t divide up the show into separate hours.  So here’s the full 2 hour show.  One of the better shows I think.  Content was great, no technical mistakes and already have heard a good response.

Got a phone call from across the border.  Caller in Watertown, NY as he had just gotten home and wanted to know more about Sora.

Going to put up a podcast just with Sora’s stuff sometime in the next week.  Already recorded some extra voiceovers for that and am going to find some outtakes from our interview.


Interview I did recently with Sora. And I play tracks from her upcoming CD, Heartwood. Along with some other songs from Sora for a lot of the show.

In the second hour I also played some of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers.  They’re coming to Kingston in May, and I did an interview with Ray Johnson from the band right after this episode aired.

Music from Ian Foster to open and close the show. Brand new song to open the show and some rare “demo” versions to end the show.

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