Podcast Update

Quick update on the podcast/iTunes issues.  Be a new episode of that coming soon.  Maybe by Monday.  I put this up on the podcast site.

Might be closer to fixing the iTunes issue.  If not I might have to remove the podcast from iTunes then submit it again.  Yes, that’s annoying.  But the emails from Apple haven’t helped much.  Last one just tried sending me back to the Apple.com forums.  Hello iTunes, if I’m contacting you that means the boards didn’t help. LOL.

On the radio show I’ll be playing an interview with Sora this week.  And playing her music.  There will be a podcast of that.  Probably similar to the DawgFM show by airing what was on the radio, but I’ll add some things to it.

Finished an interview with Fergus O’Byrne which will air on the radio at a later date then in podcast form.  And taping another interview Friday night with Ray Johnson of Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers.

Who says February is a slow month?


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