Upcoming Interviews/Thanks Toni Marie

An hour or so tonight due to Queen’s Hockey.  Last regular season game of the year.  Possibly the last broadcast of the season.  Might be a playoff game but they need a win and help to get in.

Tonight brand new music from Shanneyganock and the Dardanelles.

Next week I’ll air the interview I did with Sora and some of her music.  New CD is coming out soon.  She lives in the Calgary area and has some upcoming shows I’ll mention for the western listeners.

Sunday I’m doing double duty with interviews.  Taping the first one with Andrea Wittgens.  She’s a singer/songwriter from Antigonish and is a Queen’s grad.  Currently living in Seattle.

And a couple of hours later I’m interviewing Fergus O’Byrne of Ryan’s Fancy.  If you read the Herald piece you saw me talking about it would be a great honour to interview him or Denis Ryan from the group.   By the way, Toni Marie personally made that happen.  Other than the print interview she was the one who landed him as a guest on my show.  🙂

Toni and I did the interview by email between Christmas and New Years.  So it was a bit of a wait for it to make print.  2 weeks before it was printed Fergus was on NTV News during the weather with Toni Marie.  Of course you see her do 3 or 4 live hits during the hour.  Which means the rest of the time they sit and wait.

So she was talking to Fergus between the live hits and mentioned the Herald piece.  Fergus said he’d love to do an interview and passed along his email to Toni Marie who got it to me. Voila!

So I have to thank Toni Marie, twice. 🙂

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