Newfoundland Herald Interview

Got some scans of the Newfoundland Herald interview from last week.

First I added them on Flickr.  I’ll type it out later on but this is how it looked in the magazine.

First time uploading pictures on the blog so I’ll see how it looks.  Here we go. Yes, it says BOB Carnell in the headline.  I’ve known Toni Marie for years and I can’t think of her calling me Bob once so it was funny to see that little typo.

Little surreal to see a picture of Toni Marie and myself on the same page.

They didn’t know this, but I was 5 feet from Ian Foster in his picture on Page 2.  It was taken last summer in Toronto.  It was at a gig Ian did at The Communist’s Daughter on a Sunday.  Was around 5pm so the sun helped make a good picture.

Newfoundland Herald Interview

Newfoundland Herald Interview

Newfoundland Herald

Newfoundland Herald


  1. Adrian

    Great interview/article, Rob!! Or, should I say Bob? ( :


    Great, too, to see you here on WordPress. I was going to write and ask you what’s up – as the link I had to your site was not working.

    FYI, I visited the CFRC pledge page – but, find I need a credit card to donate. As a Paypaller, I’ll have to do something old-fashioned like mail in a money order.

    again, thanks for the article – congrats again! you’ll be seeing/hearing more music flowing from that exposure!

    ‘best, Adrian

  2. Robert

    I know this “Bob” thing is a running joke now. My Uncle Bob [go figure] was talking to my Mom on the phone and saying “Bob Carnell” and she didn’t understand why. Then I showed her the article. 🙂

    I got rid of the .net address, the company wanted to charge $40 to keep it going another year. It just pointed to the Libsyn site so I said forget it. Of course iTunes is messed up with the podcast but I’ll get that fixed.

    I didn’t have a credit card myself till a year ago. So I know the headaches. But the station did pass the goal of $18,000. So take your time. 🙂

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