Next 2 Weeks/Funding Drive

Next two episodes are during the annual Funding Drive so I’ll be mentioning the phone number and website a lot.  Think of PBS, but without the long breaks in programming.  This year’s goal is $18,000 in 10 days.  They ended up passing that much last year so it is an attainable goal.

Of course the economy last year was much better.  I know money is tight for me so it must be the same for the listeners.  I’ve gone from Extra Large coffees at Timmie’s to Large or Medium.  Hey, it adds up when you got there a few times a week. 🙂

The pledge line is the same phone number as the request line, it starts on Friday morning.

613-533-CFRC (2372)

Other way is probably easier for a lot of people is the website.  Especially for the people who don’t live in Kingston.  Which seems like most of my listeners I hear from.  Heard back from people listening online across Canada, the US, Japan, France and Australia.

I know the show had a few donations last year online.

Right now the only goal for my shows is one phone call for each episode.  Online donations don’t come in for a few days so I came up with something tangible while I’m on the air.

Last year I had 2 calls in one show.  The first one was someone requesting Bob Dylan.  Which I played since the caller had given money earlier.  Then we had another call.  The same guy thanking me for playing Dylan. LOL.

As for actual content on Friday.  Playing parts of interviews I’ve done since I started the show.  Ian Foster, Teresa Ennis, Graeme Walker of Grand Theft Bus, Kirk Comstock of Air Traffic Control, Alex Foster of Your Favorite Enemies and Krissy Holmes of Rogers’ Out of the Fog.  That should fill 2 hours.


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