Should be able to upload tonight’s show, today instead of tomorrow with hockey the rest of the night.  I’ll be at the station working on that with time on my hands.

Got a message from Ed with DawgFM in Ottawa.  CRTC asked for more support letters, this time about the French aspects.  I know, they don’t like to make things easy do they?  This was Ed’s message to a group on Facebook.

I hate to ask again, I hope this is the last time. The CRTC has informed us that they want support letters to talk about specifically how the Official Language Minority Community will benefit from our station. We have prepared a support letter at Bluesincanada.com. This is a new letter, so if you have sent a previous letter, please go to the site again and send this letter. Click on the link below


then click on the Save DAWG FM button to send a letter of support to the CRTC. The deadline is February 12th. This is a new letter so we are asking everyone who has sent one previously to send another. You will get a failure letter from the CRTC, do not worry as we will be uploading these letters to the CRTC website and they will become public for everyone to review.

it’s even better if you go direct to the CRTC and write comments on their form. Here is the link


They have to click on the application by Frank Torres OBCI to support DAWG FM

The applications for Ottawa will be re-heard at a public hearing at the end of March. I thank you all for the many letters you have written to support the Blues.

Please feel free to send a copy to your Member of Parliament, or anyone else at Canadian Heritage, Industry Canada or anyone in government. Please send this to all of your address book, friends, family. Every letter counts. Sorry for the long email.

Emailed Ed and we talked about this example of a letter that was written.  We encourage people to use their own words and not copy and paste of course.  But this helps shows what it might look like, how many times do you write to the CRTC? LOL.

Please accept this letter of support for application 2007-1203-5 for a Blues format FM radio licence to Frank Torres OBCI.

A Blues format station will benefit official language minority communities in both Ottawa and Gatineau. Quebec Blues artists will now have a venue to play their music. The station playlist will prominently feature Francophone and Anglophone blues artists together.

The applicant has also agreed to support an official language minority community station as part of their Canadian Content Development funding. There are many other ways that the applicant is proposing to serve the OLM Communities in Ottawa and Gatineau and be a valuable service to persons of both Official Languages.

I understand that this letter will be in the public domain and may be posted on the CRTC website as part of the public proceeding.

Sorry for the long post but wanted to get all the info in here.  Next 2 weeks of shows are funding drive episodes.  So I might not get much of a chance to mention this during that time.

Talk to you on the radio. 🙂


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