Tonight’s Show/Ryan’s Fancy

Horrible winter storm here in Kingston.  Currently -25 with the windchill and it just keeps snowing.  So I came in earlier than usual to get here before it got too bad.  Time to look through the stacks of records at the station.  Went to the far back corner tucked away where you have to step over a water/heating pipe to get to some vinyl.

And there is where I finally find a treasure trove of Ryan’s Fancy records!  Very hard to find these.  One of them I found last year but didn’t know where it went too. lol

Will take a few shows to get through all of this music, but I’ll play a large chunk of them in the second hour. Sea People, Dark Island, Looking Back, A Time with Ryan’s Fancy and Irish Love Songs.

So we can thank the winter storm for me finding these.

6-8pm EST 101.9 FM or


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