Friday’s Show

With the timing of the holidays this year, Friday is the last show before Christmas Day.  Week after is Boxing Day so I’ll spread the Christmas music over both shows.

I have Allison Crowe’s ‘Tidings’ CD which has some of the songs she does at her Tidings concerts.  Which wraps up this week on the West Coast.   Little tidbit from The Vancouver Province on Allison.

Two of Crowe’s recorded songs, “Me and Bobbie McGee” and “Hallelujah”, will be included in “a major motion picture coming out in early 2009,” the Nanaimo-raised singer-songwriter said. All she can say is that it’s a star-studded movie and will be a huge career boost for her. But beyond that, Crowe is sworn to secrecy.

Hmmm.  Start guessing what movie that will be.

Last year I found a Bruce Cockburn Christmas CD that was very good, so I’ll see if I can find that again.  Will try and find holiday music from Canadian artists.

Any songs you’d want to hear this Friday or on Boxing Day feel free to leave a comment or send an email.

Already know the last song I’m going to play on the 26th.  ‘End of the Year’ by Ian Foster.  Makes sense. 🙂


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