Helping DAWG FM

Time to help out a radio station in Ottawa, or a future station.  If you’ve heard the show you know I’m a blues fan.  Even filled in on The Blues Project on CFRC from time to time.  Was glad to hear my old stomping grounds of Ottawa was going to have Canada’s first All Blues station.

But now it might not happen.  Mentioned it during the radio show but here are the details.  I didn’t even know till I contacted Ed Torres from DAWG FM that he listens to Salt Water Music.  All the more reason for me to try and help. 🙂

Canada’s first ALL BLUES radio station is in Jeopardy!!

On November 21 the Conservative Cabinet sent our licence back to the CRTC for reconsideration and hearing. The Government decided that the decision derogated from the Broadcast Act.

The decision was appealed by a group that was applying for a French-language community station at the same hearing. The CRTC decided that our application was more in the public’s best interest than was their application.

Now the government has stepped in.

DEROGATE!!!!! we only committed to exposing hundreds of Canadian Blues Artists that get airplay in the U.S. but not in Canada.

We committed to give 3 quarters of a million dollars to Canadian Content Development including creating a Blues music series at Canadian Music Week, supporting the Ottawa Blues Society and the Blues in Schools programs that gives kids that can’t afford instruments a chance to play music.

Not to mention we were going to employ 20 people in Ottawa and spend over 1 million dollars in our first year of operations in the local economy.

We committed to play 40% Canadian content 5% more than any other station in Ottawa currently plays. But it’s easy to target the only stand alone independent radio station in Ottawa.

So we need your help. We need your support, we need the support of your friends and anyone else that loves Blues music and justice.

DAWG FM’s Facebook Group

1. Send us your email support via facebook
2. Send the Minister of Heritage a letter supporting our licence his email:
3. Send the same letter to the CRTC
under complaints
4. Send the same letter to Minister for Industry
5.Send us the same letter via facebook
6.Send it to your local politicians or anyone that will listen
7.Get all of your friends to join this group

Thanks for all of your support, together we can come through this…..keep the faith


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