Great Big Sea Recap

Posted this on the message boards yesterday, so I’ll post it here.

Mentioned a bit on Twitter last night, but today kinda busy.  And it’s my birthday so got away from the computer. 🙂

First show the band’s had in Kingston in 4 years so it was Sold Out and a rockin crowd.   Long story but they played the Grand Theatre last time and that took 2-3 years to renovate, and the arena just opened this year finally.

Alan mentioned playing Kingston the first time, at the Jock Harty opening for The Philospher Kings and another band.  That was the arena on Queen’s campus which was torn down.  Said he was out one night in Kingston so late the sun came up. lol.

Sean did a solo version of The Tragically Hip ‘Bobcaygeon’ since it was Kingston.  Did a great job on it, the crowd knowing all the words helped too.

Show ended around 10:40pm after 2 encores.  Great concert of course.  I lucked out with my seat being in the 2nd row right in the center.  So Alan was to my left and Sean to the right.  Bob on the far right.

Met Maurgarita at the Merchant before hand.  She had a couple of signs which Alan commented on during the show.  Lost track of her after the show, but on Twitter she said Sean signed a poster and took a picture.  Joked I should’ve stuck around with her. 🙂

Haven’t seen a set list of the show but got in all the big songs and ones from Fortune’s Favour.  Was hoping for Gallow’s Pole, but can’t be too picky about a song that was a bonus track.

Quick recap but hope that helps.  Off to do a bit of work. 🙂


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