Podcast Episode 13


Read about National Podcast Post Month or ‘Napodpomo’ which is an idea of having people podcast every day for the month of November.  So I’m doing something similar.  Recording every day, but not uploading.  Or else you might have a 2 minute podcast which seems a bit silly.  Instead a 43 minute podcast with some songs as well.

Beginning was recorded at the station and the rest at home. You can obviously hear the difference but a heads up.

First up I have 3 songs by Allison Crowe.  Her covers of Let it Be, Imagine and In My Life.


Allison is playing a bunch of dates in November and December.  Closest to Kingston is Toronto on Friday, November 28th.  And an afternoon show in Ottawa on Sunday, November 30th.  Check the tour part of Allison’s page for details.  She’s also hitting Philadelphia, Massachusetts, New York City and 5 dates in British Columbia.


Also play some music from Andrea Wittgens.  She has a new CD coming out soon called “In The Skyline”.  These three tracks are from her last album. Alibi was just an Afterthough, Did You Go Too Far and Aquarium.  Going to do an interview with Andrea soon, we’re just waiting for the CD to be available for purchase online.  Good to get all the things in order so you can check out her music after I talk to her.

With grabbing a bunch of different audio files for this episode I’ll cross my fingers there wasn’t too many mistakes.  I even forgot a couple of things I talked about until I put it together.  So another episode or two this month, whenever I have enough for a good length.


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