Crazy Saturday

Story about football on Saturday, Queen’s Golden Gaels beat York 80-0.  But getting the game on air was a hectic day.

First off, York never responded to emails during the week about whether or not they had a phone line for us.  So we had a cell phone for back up.  Saturday get a call 40 minutes before the game from Matt Bisson our play by play guy.  There is a phone line, but INCOMING calls only.

What’s the problem with Incoming only?  Long distance charges.  Queen’s phone set up doesn’t allow for LD calls without using a phone card.  Offices are locked so I had to run to a corner store and buy a long distance phone card myself.  Jogging over thinking “this is not a good start to the broadcast”.

Got back at 12:40pm so no problem there.  I did have the programmer before the game play a Great Big Sea CD while I was gone to fill something on air.  Got to keep the East Coast Music going.

So I got the phone card.  Matt was setup outdoors with some bees around during the game, thanks York for not letting us in the press box.  I’d say Karma got back at York with an 80-0 loss didn’t it?

Things are OK for the rest of the game?  Oh no.

In the 1st quarter the line all of a sudden drops.  So off to a commercial break then I explain “tech. problems” and play some muic.  Thought it was the phone line so I phone back 3 times but nothing.  Phone the cell phone to see what’s happening.  The Zircom box where the headsets plug into…. stopped working.  It won’t power on.  Uh oh.

We figured out that I could give him the Phone Card information.  Then he can phone me on the cell to get him back on air.  Cheaper to make a local call with the cell in Toronto then won’t get hit for LD charges on a cell phone.  Which meant the rest of the first half was a broadcast of a his cell phone.

Did I mention I had two brand new volunteers with me during the game?  I’m showing them how the broadcast works and they get this game.  And I’m the one going to put them on the radio for the first time ever at halftime.  Other than that a normal day at the station.

Got them to read some out of town scores.  Would’ve just had them read it off the computer in the studio. But…. you know how this day is going.  The computer couldn’t connect to the network or internet!  Out of all days.  The other computers at the station were fine, so I got one of them to go and write down some scores.

Finally some good luck at halftime.  I phone Matt and the Zircom box all of a sudden powered up again.  So I phone him on that and the 2nd half runs smoothly.  No problems at all the rest of the game.  END SCENE.


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