August 9th Show

Link and rundown of last night’s show.

Ryan’s Fancy  ‘The Ryans and the Pittmans’, ‘I’m a Rover’ and ‘The Island Song’

The Irish Descendants  ‘Rattlin Bog’, ‘Come Back to Newfoundland’

Great Big Sea  ‘Mari-Mac’, ‘Dancing with Mrs. White’, ‘Something to It’

Next songs are from a new band “Caught in the Act”, they’re just starting out and met last year after going through the Canadian Idol process.   It’s rather amazing how I never hear about Can.Idol here in Ontario. Only by catching local news from out east do I hear things about it.  After hearing these musicians and realizing they didn’t get that far in that show it just solidifies why I don’t watch it. ha ha.

These are some solo songs from 3 of the band members also in the band is Jeremy Dicks.

Justin Fancy ‘Sea of No Cares’

Todd Scott ‘Confuse Me’

Leanne Kean ‘Black Velvet’

Teresa Ennis ‘Under the Moon’, ‘Little Wing’

The Idlers  ‘Stanley Goes to Kandahar’, ‘One Future’

That last band is a 10 piece Reggae/Ska band from St. John’s who is doing a tour of Quebec/Ontario in September.  East Coast Music is not just Celtic, of course hearing Reggae even surprises me. lol.

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