2 Hours in September

Last week I was focused on playing the music and forgot about to tell the news about the show.  Been so busy this week that I don’t know what I’m playing tonight.  LOL.

Starting in September the show is going to 2 hours, for those who emailed me about the show being longer you can rejoice. 🙂 Now to get 2 hours the show had to move to a different day and time.  Don’t worry I still get a weekend slot, Fridays at 6pm EST.  I always considered Friday evening the start of the weekend.

I know it will be better for the people who listen live out east, 7pm Atlantic/7:30pm Nfld.   As opposed to the show ending after midnight for the East Coast.

I’m sure listeners have gotten used to the Saturday Night slot, so that’s is why I’ve started putting up those episodes on Archive.org.  The plan is to get them up on Saturdays so then you can listen to the show when you want.  Saturday Night, Monday afternoon, whenever.  You just click one button and it streams so it’s just like clicking on CFRC.ca when the show is live.

Hopefully if you’re reading this you can listen on Fridays, or through the links I’ll put up.  It will be nice to have Saturday Nights free again after 16 months.  Doesn’t seem that long, gone by really fast.


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