First Post/This Saturday

Welcome to the new blog, been writing one for the radio show on the MySpace page but thought I’d start one on here too.  Right now it will be the same posts from the MySpace page, but this might be an easier way for some of you to keep track of what’s happening with the radio show or podcast.

This Saturday playing the rest of the Ian Foster’s CD whose interview I played last week. Yes the CD got thru customs and arrived on Monday.  Talk about bad luck last week with it not arriving in time.  Wasn’t the company’s fault just customs being a pain as usual.  It’s a Compact Disc people why do you need to keep that at the border?  Try to get music legally and this is what you have to deal with. ha ha.

Also playing some new tracks from the new ‘Your Favorite Enemies’ CD.  I interviewed Alex Foster last fall for those who remember.  Nope, no relation with Ian.  The band’s music video has been getting some play on Musique Plus in Quebec.  That’s the french version of MuchMusic, who used to play music videos. Now it’s mostly bad TV shows.  Except ‘Video on Trial’, that’s usually good.

‘Open Your Eyes’ has been the ‘Combat des Clips’ champion for 2 weeks now.  Same title as a show Much had on years ago.  I remember ‘Enter Sandman’ going for something like 13 weeks straight.  There was this old technology in the days before email or text messaging.  Called a 1-900 number.  Oooooh.

10pm EST on Saturday Night. CFRC 101.9FM in Kingston or streaming live at


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